Overland Park Elementary has been proudly serving the families in historic downtown Overland Park for over 130 years. We are honored to have three and four generation families who have lived and learned in this community for years.  Additionally, we welcome many new families into our community each year. The result is a warm and friendly community that values the way a school can bring people together to learn, celebrate and share good times.

We encourage anyone looking for a home in a caring school community to visit Overland Park Elementary at 8150 Santa Fe Drive. We’d love to show you our school and our learners at work. As a part of the Shawnee Mission School District, we have a long tradition of excellence. Our curriculum is both rigorous and developmentally appropriate. Overland Park Elementary Bulldogs are a great group of students, staff, and parents!

Our instruction is geared to both challenge and support students as they work toward mastery of basic skills and higher-order understanding of concepts and content. Most importantly, we believe that all students have unlimited potential for learning. We are here to help each student achieve their best.



Overland Park Elementary has committed to a new philosophy that we want to share with parents and families.


  • It's never ok to be hurtful
  • It's never ok to be disruptive


1. I can be okay even if I'm mad (or have a BIG feeling)


2. I can be okay even if others are not okay


3. I can be okay if I have to do something I don't want to do (or it's hard)