Bulldog Strong

Sponsor - Colby Dischinger

The Bulldog Strong Student of the Month award is given out to one student each month in Physical Education Class.  The winner constantly exemplifies what it means to be Bulldog Strong in Physical Education.  A Bulldog Strong Student is one that demonstrates: Leadership, Sportsmanship, Effort, Safety, and Listening Skills. 


At the end of the year, one of the Bulldog Strong Students will be named Bulldog Strong Student of the Year and get their name put on a banner that hangs in the gym. 


History of Bulldog Strong Student of the Year:


2013 – Taedyn Gray

2014 – Chandler McCullough

2015 – CC Carter

2016 – Tessa Beyer

2017 – Barak Young

2018 – Jordan Lippold

2019 - Laila Johnson-Berndt

2020 - Darren Wu

2021 - Ada Knechtel

2022 - Reece Anerson

2023 - Anna Elrod & Juliet Huebner